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Bone Graft

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It is a surgical procedure in which Dr. Isaza places bone in an area to build up a thin or missing bone area. Advanced bone loss is the result of the ageing process, prolonged denture wear, missing teeth, periodontal gum disease or as a result of an accident.

The bone used in a bone graft can come from your own body (autograft), from a human donor (allograft), from animal donor (xenograft), or could be entirely manmade (alloplastic).  Once accepted by the patient, the bone graft provides a framework where new, living bone can grow. Most bone grafts are expected to be reabsorbed and replaced as the natural bone heals over a few months’ time.

Bone grafts carry these and other risks, including pain, nerve injury, rejection of the bone graft and inflammation. Dr. Isaza will take the time to evaluate if you are at risk and will carefully asses your case.

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